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BRAND NEW 2024 FLEXIFOIL Rage 3.5m² Power Kite (Kite Only)

Please note, handles and flying lines are not currently available for this product.

Flying line specification: Dyneema 2 x 25m 200kg and 2 x 25m 100kg

ALL-ROUND HIGH-PERFORMANCE KITE | Expertly designed and fine-tuned to 3.5m² with a stylish backpack. The Rage 3.5m² is an all-round high-performance, extremely versatile kite, providing controllable, smooth and predictable power with reduced lift for increased horizontal speeds.

FOR STATIC KITING TO LAND-BASED BOARDSPORTS | The Rage 3.5m² is suitable for everything from static kiting enjoyment to learning how to snowkite, kite landboard or buggy, to being a high-performance kite for experienced buggy pilots and landboard riders. The Rage is a kite you can advance your kiting skills with, yet you will never outgrow.

UNBELIEVABLE VALUE FOR MONEY | The Rage 3.5m² kite will last a lifetime and is a kite to be passed down the generations.

VIRTUALLY BULLET-PROOF | The Rage’s rib, tab and internal rib vent reinforcements strengthen the kite where it is needed most, hence the kite can be slammed into the ground with tremendous force. Manufactured from high performance Ripstop Nylon, it also has extremely low porosity, excellent durability, and high tear resistance.

AGE 16+ | Adult supervision is always essential | Start flying in lighter winds and progress to stronger winds.

LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | With a mixture of 9,569 current and previous generations of Rage kites already sold across 96 countries, buy this kite with the confidence of a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

SIR RICHARD BRANSON | Flexifoil Kites were Sir Richard's choice of kites for 3 Successful Kiting World Records in 2012.

Here's why 9,659 people from 96 countries have bought the Rage kite and why more than 380,000 people have chosen Flexifoil kites since we invented power kiting in 1972, by Anthony Van Dort, CEO, Flexifoil International. In 2012, Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil to design the kites which powered his family, friends and himself from England to France and in doing so, achieved 3 world records. A survey completed by 1485 kiting enthusiasts reported quality as their number one priority when buying a kite. It is little surprise considering the number of reviews one reads online about lines breaking, straps snapping, lines fraying, kites tearing on minor impact and kites stalling, to name just a few! All Flexifoil kites, the Rage included, perform very well in the lightest of winds and they are safe, reliable and strong. Flexifoil is a highly trustworthy premium brand - the absolute market leader in superior quality power kites. And while 9,659 people have already bought a current or previous generation of Rage kite from Flexifoil, to give you absolute confidence in your purchase, we make you a promise by way of a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee.

You buy a Rage from Flexifoil here, fly it and we are certain you will love it - but - if you are in any way unhappy with your purchase, then we will give you all your money back anytime - guaranteed!


Package Contents:

  • Rage kite canopy 3.5m² + triple A bridle adjuster
  • Instructions
  • Kite storage bag