Giant Microfibre Beach Towel Set

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PREMIUM QUALITY - Created from the highest quality microfiber, our sports towels are durable and long-lasting. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and will consistently maintain their silky texture and powerful absorbency. Whatever your activity, trust our towels to soak up the pressure every time.

ULTRA FAST DRYING - Our High-Quality Microfiber can absorb liquids up to 7 times its weight, making it perfect for use after sweaty gym workouts or when you’re dripping wet after a long swim or shower. It can literally halve the time you would have spent drying with a cotton towel, so it is ideal for those who have a busy lifestyle and like quick results.

SUPER SOFT ON YOUR SKIN - Supremely soft and silky smooth to the touch, our microfibre towels are kind to delicate areas of your body such as your face, hair and skin. They are antibacterial, preventing odour release and inhibiting bacteria, making them your most hygienic and effective workout option.

THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL TOWEL - Our sports towels never get heavy or soaked after use like traditional towels, so they are super lightweight and easy to carry around in backpacks when travelling and camping. They can be hung to dry and available for efficient use again in just a few minutes.

YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are so confident in the caliber of our Microfiber Sports Towels that we offer our customers an unbeatable Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked. If for any reason whatsoever you are not fully satisfied with our product we will offer you an immediate refund in full. So what are you waiting for? INVEST IN THE BEST….click ADD TO CART now.