Stability and Balance Ball

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SAFE & SECURE - Flexifoil’s Swiss workout ball has a super dense defense wall aimed to completely support your body, it is rated to take up to 2000 lbs in weight. If you have lower back problems our ball will cushion your lower back as you exercise and stretch.

MULTI-PURPOSE - As well as offering the opportunity for improved muscle tone all over the body, our exercise ball is ideal for use in physical therapy & rehabilitation. It can deliver a dynamic workout to improve posture, muscle balance & core stability and can be used at home or the gym. With so many benefits available what are you waiting for?

GET TONED FAST - Strengthen your core and tone up your abdominals quicker and easy with our ball. It can be used for a range of techniques such as crunches, press-ups, and squats. Using our ball will help to protect your spine and back whilst you exercise, promoting good health.