Flexi Miracle Clothing Folder

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FOLD SUPER FAST- Flexifoil’s Miracle Fold literally changes the laundry game. Cut the time you fold in half with our Miracle Fold. No more wasting time on the laundry, get your clothes expertly folded in just seconds!

PROFESSIONAL RESULTS - The appearance of a garment once folded through Flexifoil’s Miracle Fold looks straight out of a gift box or an expensive store. If you are a retailer, manufacturer, or work in fashion or clothing, this is an essential tool and could change your business, save you time & money.

EASY TO USE - So simple & easy to use, you put the clothes around the outlines of the board then flip into position, producing uniform 9x12” folds. Teach kids and employees how to use it and you won’t look back.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - This is ideal for packing a suitcase & it’s lightweight nature means you can pack it & bring it with you wherever you go too. No more wrinkled clothes on holiday plus more space in your suitcase.