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Exclusive Flexifoil Package

First Come First Served - While Stocks Last

This package can be purchased for £169.79 or comes completely FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase ANY Flexifoil power kite from this website. 

Simply click 'add to cart' now and the package will be 100% discounted at the checkout when you add at least one power kite to your order.

Ordering more than one power kite?

If you plan to order more than one power kite, simply add the equivalent number of packages. For example, if you plan to purchase three power kites then add three packages to your cart. All packages will be completely FREE OF CHARGE.

This offer applies to the Flexifoil Big Buzz, Sting, Control, Rage and Blade kites only.

The Exclusive Flexifoil Package comprises of:

  • A £49.97 Ultralight Space Saving Portable Parachute Hammock
  • A £29.97 Family Kite with 165ft Flying Line
  • A £19.97 Flexi Vehicle Windscreen Sunshade
  • A £19.97 800ml Stainless Steel Flask
  • A £19.97 Giant 180x100cm Microfibre Beach Towel
  • A £14.97 Super Bright LED Lantern (exc. batteries)
  • A £14.97 Smartphone Kiting Armband complete with Keyholder and LED Lights