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The Camera Kite
The Camera Kite has been expertly engineered using high-quality nylon ripstop material with a Dacron cage construction. Why nylon ripstop? Well, not only is this material refreshingly lightweight, but it’s also far stronger than many would think - the perfect combination for a great kite-flying session! Why the Dacron cage? We use this to encase the spars (spars are the poles which make up the kite frame), as well as to help avoid any undesired wear and tear on the kite’s edges. Speaking of the spars, these are constructed using 5mm carbon fibre tubes which also house internal bungees to save time and hassle during assembly. The spars when assembled make up the kite’s robust carbon frame. The result? The kite is given a powerful stiff shape yet on a surprisingly light frame, boosting performance in both stronger and lighter winds.


Lightweight Kite Storage Bag

Enjoy quick and easy storage of your Camera Kite – just the kite – without having to go through the schlep of removing the wingtip, top and bottom spine spars. Enjoy an adjustable shoulder strap and a secure drawstring closer. The bag features attractive black and white prints that suit every taste.

90° Attachment Arm

The Camera Kite’s 90° Attachment Arm represents the simplest, most effective way to attach your smartphone stabiliser or action camera to your kite. This 90° Attachment Arm is built from highly durable and robust ABS plastic that’s just as lightweight as it is strong. It comes in red and features a thumb screw.  The 90° Attachment Arm is pre-installed on the Camera Kite