Camera Kite accessories with Rucksack

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The Camera Kite accessories comes fully equipped with a well-built and good-looking rucksack. It’s the easiest way to store and carry all the accessories. The rucksack has been built using impressive heavy-duty nylon for reliability and strength you can always count on. A waterproof base is the perfect choice for any location, come dusk or dawn. Enjoy adjustable side release plastic buckles, adjustable shoulder straps, a drawstring closure, additional padding for comfort. This rucksack comes in stunning black fabric with integrated white and grey prints.

Anchor Leash

Want to enable your kite to fly independently? In other words, without you (or anyone else) having to hold it in order to operate it? No problem! Use our cutting-edge Anchor Leash to achieve full kite-flying independence where and when you need it the most. The Anchor Leash features a high-quality durable Loop Extension and a Carabiner. The anchor leash comes in the colours black and red – stylish yet bold.

Ground Stake

Simply insert this tough and robust ground stake into the ground to quickly, easily and effectively anchor your kite to your anchor leash for the most pleasurable independent flying. The Ground Stake has been built from stainless steel for your peace of mind. It measures 46cm x 0.8cm, in silver for a neutral look.

Landing Handle

If you wish to lower and even direct your kite in your desired direction, traditionally you’d have to use your reel. With our sturdy yet comfortable padded Landing Handle, you can do so without having to use the reel. The Camera Kite’s Landing Handle is built from Nylon Padding, featuring a Nylon Loop extension and Carabiner too.

Protection Gloves

While kite-flying is all in the name of fun, unexpected injuries can still occur – especially when you least expect them. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! Safeguard and protect your hands with the Camera Kite’s exclusive Protection Gloves. They are made from HPPE Nylon Spandex Glass Fibre Knit, featuring PU coating. One size fits all for the utmost convenience. The gloves come in black and silver, matching any outfit and meeting any taste/personal preference.